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Better user experiences mean better products

UI/UX Design

Responsive websites or Native apps, we take your ideas and bring it to life with wireframes and mockups.

Cloud Deployment

Automated testing and deployment to the cloud. We use Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure to make sure your product is highly scalable.

Server Side Development

Server side development for WebServices, and web applications with Node.js, PHP, Ruby on Rails and .NET.

QA Testing

Every function is unit tested by developers. A separate QA team does manual and automated tests with Selinium.

Native & Hybrid App Development

Native mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows and Mac OSX. Hybrid apps developed with Phonegap and AngularJS and HTML5.

Agile Project Management

Iterative and incremental development with 2-4 week sprint cycles. Spring Planning and demo meetings for every sprint. Project Management Software to keep you updated everyday.

Full Stack Development Team

With this huge positive growth trend in the market, enormous opportunities can be generated to engage the customers towards your brand. Over 40% of people use their mobile devices, and this number is growing rapidly each year!. The customers can now do shopping, booking tickets or other day-to-day based activities through mobile phones.

Android and iOS is the world’s leading smart phone platform that extends the functionality of the devices. Google developed open source Android OS, to support most of the mobile carriers so that the customers can get maximum flexibility, even after going for a different mobile device. You can create mobile application for your brand to motivate customers to make the desired day-to-day activity using that app to make their life happier and easier.


iOS, Android,Windows,BB,Oculus

Custom build APPS and Games for specific Industry to drive enhanced user experiences

Mobile Infrastructure

Servers, databases, APIs, and storage solutions for your APP that will reliably scale as your APP grows

Mobile Security & Compliance

We provide robust, server-side solutions to enhance security by developing custom Encryption’s and compliance to meet industry-specific security requirements such as HIPAA

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Cross-platform development

Developed specifically for the devices they live on & Optimized for speed and performance across devices

Measure end-to-end value of your app

No matter what kind of app you’re building, Mobile analytic platform will help you achieve business objectives and set yourself up for success.

Mobile Marketing Strategy

What good is an app marketing strategy if it doesn’t translate to business success ?

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