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Psychology of design – Converting users into buyers

Your buyers are human beings with emotions, experience, and reactions. While designing your store, there are few things to keep in mind. The first thing that matters the most is thinking from the buyer’s perspective. If you want to understand how a buyer will react to your store or product, first step into the shoes of your buyers. What will

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Fonts and color schemes matter for better shopping experience

Did you never notice why Amazon, the largest online store has its logo and site’s primary color as bright yellow? Not only it looks bright and catchy but has a psychological impact on the mind of shoppers too. Bright yellow is known to grab attention and Amazon surely grabs a lot of attention from potential shoppers around the world. This

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Why startups should use WordPress

If it is your business website or a blog to grow your startup, WordPress has been the choice for most professionals. WordPress is especially helpful for startups to excel in the competitive market where every brand is trying to make themselves known. A website is utmost necessity for any startup or business to gain an online presence. Moreover, WordPress serves

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Have your recent search results sup priced you with this “This site maybe hacked”?

Have you ever noticed that when you search for a site on Google the results sometimes have a notification below the description which says “This site may be hacked”?.  We have received many complaints from customers trying to resolve these issues themselves and not being unsuccessful even after spending a few dollars to have an expert to resolve it. These

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Best practices for programming a Magento eCommerce shop

Magento offers a wide range of third party extensions to help deploy your eCommerce store. These wonderful plugins can enable you to offer coupons, integrate multiple payment gateways and manager a well-oiled eCommerce store striving for sales. So why are we writing this article? Well to enlighten customers who are current developing on Magento or thinking of using Magento on

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Is your website ready for Google’s Mobile-First index?

Is your business ready for Google’s “Mobile-First” index? It’s a method which will change the way your website is ranked on search engines (SERPs). Here are few things which will if not already push the next generation of websites for business which have not already hopped on the bandwagon in having their website responsive and mobile friendly. Let’s go briefly

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Key Social Media Strategies to Expand Your Audience

Although the trend of technology is expanding rapidly, many businesses are still lacking the intuits to keep up with the trend. You would not believe how many people know what the technology is and still wouldn’t know how to use the technology for the beneficial of their business. Let’s take a step back and think about why your competition is

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Landing pages that can turn leads into customers

Vast majority of business owners do not grasp the idea of what a Landing page means or what benefits it would bring to the business. A landing page can be created for many reasons such as generating leads from multiple sources, attracting new customers and turning leads into customers. We have worked with many organization building landing pages which converts leads

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