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Brand Identity


Fonts and color schemes matter for better shopping experience

Did you never notice why Amazon, the largest online store has its logo and site’s primary color as bright yellow? Not only it looks bright and catchy but has a psychological impact on the mind of shoppers too. Bright yellow is known to grab attention and Amazon surely grabs a lot of attention from potential shoppers around the world. This

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5 Stages of branding every startup should follow

As a web design company, we are approached by clients inquiring to help them construct a strategic branding solution. Branding effects many aspects of every business we do not bark at every idea or take on projects we do not consider to be in our circle of expertise but providing solutions to effectively deploy a brand marketing solution for stat

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Landing pages that can turn leads into customers

Vast majority of business owners do not grasp the idea of what a Landing page means or what benefits it would bring to the business. A landing page can be created for many reasons such as generating leads from multiple sources, attracting new customers and turning leads into customers. We have worked with many organization building landing pages which converts leads

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