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Google adwords isn’t benefiting our business

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riyaz asked 1 year ago

We have signed up for Google ads a month ago and still not receiving business online.Another company wanted us to be hand over the account to them so they can start a new account for us to start Google ads. IS this the

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enveos answered 1 year ago

Hello Riyaz, According to your question we are assuming that you had activated the Google account for PPC? If so, Google PPC cannot benefit a business through a DYI process, it needs to be maintained by a professional or a company that meets the needs of Google PPC requirements and knows how to optimize a business online to gets the leads each business needs through proven strategies.
If you are not really comfortable having a company handling your SEO services then we would recommend that you call Google to guide you through the concerns you currently have. They will help you to an extent but as you have already created the PPC account they to would have afew wuestion to ensure you are meeting all the key golals of your PPC cmpaigns.